A big fat thank you


I'm gonna be mushy for a minute, and you totally have to live with  it. (Aww, just kidding. You can overlook this if you really, really want to.)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank those of you who end up here on any given day, whether new to the blog or a regular visitor, and who leave behind kind words to encourage me in living this life. You are all so amazing! I don't know what I would do without you, or without this blog which has connected us.

The list of friends I have in real life has definitely dwindled, but it's thankfully starting to grow back up a little now that my "condition" has become a little more of a permanent thing. Do you know what I mean? I guess they needed it to settle in before they could accept it, I'm not really sure. And while I know that there are a few people who I will not be accepting back into my life, I'm thankful for a few of them. Even if just to talk to on Facebook.

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Not to mention the fact that everyone and their mother is pregnant all of a sudden. It's insane! There are quite a few girls who I already knew about, as their babies are due in the same month as Mark (and a few are the month before and after). But now a ton are expecting in the beginning of next year as well. I'm excited for all of them, but I'm with some of my other (non-pregnant) friends now: what the hell's in the water around here?

Anyway, you guys have helped me through a period in which I didn't even have that - acquaintances, I mean. People to connect to. A period in which I felt really alone. I made this blog in the hopes of getting my frustrations out when I had no one to really talk to, at least not every time I needed it, and luckily I found support along with it. I truly can't thank you enough.

This has been a hard time and I know there's a lot of difficulty left to face. I know Daniel and I are not always going to feel secure in what we've taken on and I know we're not going to have the best of everything for Mark. But I think we're really doing well for being, ya know, young parents. And I think we're going to be doing a bit better soon, considering Daniel has a ton of motivation for finding a better job now (and I do, too, once I'm done being pregnant and Mark's at least a few months old).

And even when things don't always work out perfectly, I just want him to feel loved. I know that if nothing else, there's going to be plenty of that. And I know that when things get tough, I can come here and rant about it and feel awesome knowing that I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed sometimes, and I can appreciate the joys of having a family even when they drive me crazy.

I know that having a baby three weeks before 21 wasn't my plan and it's not exactly something I would've asked for, but it's an amazing feeling. I'm glad that it's happening, because I don't know when I would've ever felt ready to move on from where I was before. My life definitely wasn't heading in the best direction, and I believe Mark saved me from getting too far off track.

I love that: we're the reason he has a life and he's the reason we're no longer wasting ours.

We'll always be here to save each other.

PS: I have a whole list of news to share about Daniel and about my OB. Good news and bad news and hopeful news! But I have to wait a few more days to say some of it, because we're trying not to jinx anything (and other reasons...which I'll explain more when I share). Anyway, I'll be able to rant and rave about it Monday or Tuesday, so expect that!


  1. What a great and sweet post!!! I'm in awe of your courage and sense of adventure, you are going to be such a great mom!!! I really don't think there is such a thing as a perfect time to do anything in life. As someone who tried to time my life perfectly let me say, at least in my experince, it is not possible!! I look foward to reading more about your journey to motherhood and beyond!!! Much love to you!!

  2. Thank you, Kathy! You are definitely one of the most supportive people I've found through writing here, and I'm thankful for you. :)

  3. Anyone who is as conscientious and courageous as you are, would be a great mom! I've raised 6 of them so I know how tough it can be. Writing about it will help you tremendously!
    I found you through voiceBoks! I'm your newest follower!

  4. You'll be a great Mom! Having a baby pushes us to assess the life that we've lived and they change us for the better.

    Visting from Hopalong Friday Bloghop1

    The Twerp and I

  5. Very cute blog. Just reviewed it on Stumble Upon. Hope you'll stop by http://www.margsformommy.com

  6. so i really loved reading this. it's been great to be a share in this experience with you as you've gone through the ups and downs of pregnancy and preparing for motherhood. and it's been pretty awesome to watch how you've grown.

    i had to read that next to last line to my husband ("we're the reason he has a life and he's the reason we're no longer wasting ours.") because i think it sums up so much of what being a parent - being a FAMILY - is all about. and i have a feeling, if i haven't said it yet, y'all are going to make pretty great parents. :)

  7. Thank you so much, Steph, that comment made me tear up. :)


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