Oh! Here they are


Did I ever show y'all my shower invites? Because I said I would.

No? Didn't think so. Okay.

They're not spectacular. I honestly made them in an MS Word Processor after getting fed up with GIMP. I just wasn't feeling it that day and I needed to get the things sent out, so I was like screw it.

Anyway, I bought some ivory cardstock and printed them out, then took a hole punch to each freaking one and punched two holes close together at the top. Then I added ribbon! I figured this would make them less boring.

I ran out at one point, so half of the cards have a blue one with "It's a boy!" printed on it...


While the others have white with blue polka dots.

I almost liked this one better in the end.

After I was finished, I was pretty pleased with the result, at least considering that I was afraid to even be sending out something that I made myself in the first place. I figured it would be a lot more horrendous than it was.

I added this one to show the entire thing long-ways:

Sorry about that horrible blur job.
Blur job...that sounds awful. (Sorry, I'm obviously 12.)

But this actually how fat they were:

Sorry, my scanner was being an asshole. Of course it couldn't have gotten the entire page both ways. It was either one or the other. Their coloring is a little off, too, but oh well.

Anyway, I know it's been a while...but there they are, as promised! :)

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