Come October: Week 22


Come October, we won't remember ever having wanted anything more than we do you.

Photo via Pinterest, editing is obviously mine.
It's Thursday - I'm 22 weeks today.

I started to write "I'm 22 weeks along" but for some reason it always bothers me to see the 'along' in there. Not that this sounds better, really, because I'm much older than 22 weeks, but it's just one of my quirks. Maybe...yeah, it's probably just me.

I decided to name this, considering I'm going to be doing it every week for...a while. I finally settled on 'Come October' since Little One is due in Oct of this year, because it's always been my favorite month, and because I'm already going crazy wanting to hold him/her.

How perfect is that? Well, I like it.

I only have to wait two more weeks until I know whether LO is a girl or a boy (as long as s/he's cooperating!) and I am going insane with anticipation.

On another note, let me just say that I'm so happy I gave up my bad habits for this baby.

My biggest problem was smoking - which I had been doing (quite heavily) since I was definitely not old enough to purchase cigarettes for myself. And then a couple of days after finding out I was pregnant (I had slowed down dramatically, but not stopped) I woke up and just decided that I wasn't going to anymore, and it wasn't the battle that it had been during previous quitting attempts. It wasn't challenge. It was like the day I decided to start: quick, smooth, and habit in no time.

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As it were, I was young. I was stupid. And I told myself that I wasn't ever going to stop, pregnant or not. After all, I had friends who had delivered healthy babies, albeit small, after smoking the lengths of their pregnancies, so why shouldn't I?

But after I started thinking about the life inside of me, after I started falling head over heels in love, it felt like the cruelest thing I could ever do. I was amazed at how easy quitting was when I knew I wasn't just in charge of my own body anymore, but my baby's as well. And I can't believe I ever thought there was any other option.

I look back on who I was just a few short months ago and I'm really proud of myself. While I do feel incredibly guilty for those few days that I considered continuing, I'm happy that I came to the right conclusions and made the right decisions in the end. It truly comforts me knowing that I will always (at least try to) do the same in the future.

Hopefully this is proof that I won't be the terrible mom I've been afraid of becoming.


  1. That is an amazing accomplishment that you should be proud of! Your setting the standard now for the type of mother you'll be keep up the good work!

  2. I don't know you. In fact, I just found your blog yesterday. But I'm pretty sure your going to be an amazing mom. :)

  3. That's like the most awesome comment I've ever gotten. :)

  4. "Come October" is perfect! You're going to be a great mom! Congrats on the first "obstacle" you went through. I know it's hard! Thank you so much for linking up to "It's a Party"!

  5. hello newest follower from the hop look forward to reading your blog

  6. New follower from the hop.
    Hope you follow back.

  7. Hello- Found you through Design it Chic's hop and am a new follower. Kudos for quitting! My husband stopped when he was truly motivated- just like you were. He hasn't smoked in 7 years! I hope you can follow my like living in Cape Town at

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hello! I found you when you linked up to No Ordinary Blog Hop (NOBH). Thanks for linking up! I don't know you, but I must say I am so proud of you for giving your baby life, and a smoke free life too! Way to go! You are young in age, but making decisions like this takes a lot of soul searching and maturity and I just want to encourage you to keep on keeping on through this pregnancy and beyond. You have been blessed with a tiny miracle, no matter what circumstances you are in now. You are a mother now holding a tiny life in your heart and womb and when you hold your new baby in your arms for the first time, you will continue to be the perfect mother for your son/daughter! Having a child is life changing and always a blessing! I must say it is refreshing and encouraging to know that you are choosing life for your child, even though it's not an easy decision in our world today. May God bless you and continue to lead you in the wonderful ups and downs of motherhood!

  9. New follower here.

    And an impressed one. I love how easy it was for you to stop smoking when it involved the little one you love. What an awesome beginning!! You will do well.


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