Wordless Wednesday: video


I'm posting this as my 'Wordless Wednesday' for this week even though I'm cheating.

How? Well I've already ruined it on my part just by writing this, but I'm also not posting a photo at all. Instead I'm going to share this video with you.

This is my great grandmother, who turned 96 in May.

Isn't she adorable?

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  1. Well worth breaking the rule. Congratulations to your Great Grandmother! And congratulations to you on your upcoming blessing.

  2. That is so cool. thanks for sharing. Were you there when great grandma graduated?
    Happy Wordless Wednesday. Please stop by and see mine, which is now where near as cool as this post :)

  3. No, I didn't get to attend the graduation. This high school only allows a certain number of invited guests - boo! But I at least got to see this, and it made me cry happy tears. :)


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