Woot, it's Saturday.


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I'm home. I stayed two nights at the apartment with Boyfriend instead of the one that I was originally planning. It was nice.

We went all lazy bones and slept until noon today, and then woke up and walked to Baskin-Robbins to get ice cream. I had some of this nonsense called "Rock n' Pop Swirl Sherbet" - grape and apple sherbet with pop rocks mixed in. The grape was green and the apple was purple, and it was all just kind of "what?"

I can't have ice cream because of my problem with puking up all things dairy (sigh...), but I really wanted some and Daniel hadn't had ice cream in forever and a day, so I shot for this.

via baskinrobbins.com 
It was obviously made to grab the attention of little kids and I personally thought it was way too sweet, which Boyfriend didn't really understand because "sherbet is the sweetest ice cream." But luckily I got a little bit of my regular raspberry/orange/pineapple combo and I was like, "NO - taste this. It's way more sour-ish." (I know, I rock at explaining things.)

But anyway, he agreed and thought it sucked after tasting the second one. And yeah, that was my Saturday afternoon.

The apartment is only a few blocks from Main Street, so it's kind of cool being within walking distance of things to do every once in a while (even if everything closes early - like 5pm - on most days). And he's right down the street from the library! This is probably only exciting to me, but it's totally going to be a plus once I move in.

I went to a graduation the other day, which I mentioned in Thursday's post. The baby kicked every time anything was being shouted over the speaker, and I can't decide if s/he loved the noise or hated it. By the time it was over I was totally in pain, because my back is apparently just done with all of my shit right now. It was nice getting to see a few people who I haven't in a while, though, so there's that.

I wish I had taken pictures, but of course I forgot my camera. Sadface. I really need to charge the thing and start carrying it with me, because I haven't really gotten any photos in a while. Hm, to-do list.

Also! So y'all know, I was going to create a page where I could feature your buttons, but instead I decided to allow you to link yourselves. Head here to do so.

PS: I changed my header again. I know, I know, I should really stop doing that, but I'm terribly indecisive and have a lot of time on my hands right now.


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