Come October: Week 21


It's Thursday, which means another week for baby and me.

Weird...via BabyCenter 
Today I'm spending time with a friend who is in town after moving out of state, so I won't really be around a computer. I just wanted to post something beforehand. I'm not sure if I'll be here tomorrow, either, as I'm staying at Boyfriend's apartment tonight (where I'll be moving very, very soon!) and they don't have internet.

Normally I'd take my laptop so that I can either pick something up from a neighboring business (shhh...) or walk to Starbucks, but we're going to another friend's high school graduation and I just need to carry as little with me as possible. (This makes me feel both old and young at the same time - to be able to say it feels like it's been so long since mine, and then to follow up with the fact that I'm going to be a mom and realize immediately afterward that it hasn't actually been so long after all.)

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, and that you have great weekends! I'll post as soon as I get back.


  1. Congratulations and thank you for being my bloggy friend at Bloggy Moms.
    have a Great awesOme Day!!! Barbara,

  2. Thank you so much for linking up! Isn't it so great to feel that little baby kick?!

  3. Thank you, Barbara!

    @Terri: It really is. S/he's moving so much now, it's ridiculous. :)


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