My BIG One-and-a-Half-Year-Old!


Mr. Blue Eyes
I've been so busy lately. I don't know how I have time to eat or sleep or really do anything besides homework and raising a toddler. I have so much keyboarding work that I feel like I'll have carpal tunnel by the time these last four weeks are over, and I still have to complete a final project, final tests, and everything else that comes with my normal workload. I'm a little overwhelmed.

I just wanted to update so you understand why I haven't been here much lately.

Mark is a year and a half old as of Wednesday. We had his 18 month appointment the same day, and we found out some things we were really not happy to hear.

I brought up that we were concerned about Mark's speech development; he doesn't seem to have any non-name words and doesn't respond to his name most the time (though I think he's just stubborn), though he should have up to twenty words in his vocabulary by now. He's being referred to the children's hospital for a hearing test and somewhere in town to see if he qualifies for speech therapy. We don't know anything yet, and they might determine that he's on track still, she's just taking precautions as early as possible to ensure that we can deal with potential problems should they arise.

We're obviously going to be participating in whatever they want us to just to make sure everything is okay. I'm so stressed out...I have so much to do and now I feel like I've failed him somehow. Maybe that's ridiculous but I honestly just want to cry every time I think about it. Maybe I spent too much time on the computer? Maybe having untreated postpartum depression for the first few months of his life has hurt his development? What if it's hurt our relationship?

I need to stop thinking about this. We'll be ready when it's time to take him, and we'll be ready to take on whatever we have to. If they say he's okay I'll be so relieved, and if they don't, then at least we'll be working on it early, instead of waiting until he's in school and making his life much more difficult than it needs to be...right?

We're going to be just fine. I'll be back to post again, I promise. Just wanted you guys to know everything that's been occupying my mind lately.


If you get the chance, please check out my friend LaShell's blog at Not Your Typical Housewife. She's pregnant with her first baby, a little boy, and she's awesome all around! I'll be spotlighting her soon and maybe stealing her genius for a guest post since I'm a little preoccupied right now.

Also, enjoy some pictures of Mark and his daddy. :)


Grabbing a handful of dirt...
...and throwing the dirt at his dad!


  1. "Say something awesome."

    ^ this! I love this! Haha.

    I'm still so, so sorry to hear about the troubles with Mark. Hopefully he's just being stubborn! Fingers are crossed and prayers are being said!

    Also, you are so awesome for mentioning me! :D thank you so much!

  2. My Emma also turned 18 months old very recently, and only has about a dozen words in her vocabulary and responds best to her daddy, who tends to be very loud. Her pediatrician is starting to believe that this has to do with the continual presence of fluid in her ears. She has one last visit with him to hope the issue is resolved, or we'll go to an ENT doctor to discuss having tubes put in her ears. The thought is that this will take care of her last speech hurdle.

    It's not the same as Mark, he might have a different issue, but the point is, you haven't actively done anything to cause it. We are all individual and not perfect. Some of us need surgery or therapy to be on track, others never seem to need anything.

    Good luck. :)

    1. Thank you. :) I'm sure everything will be okay, and I'm hoping he's just stubborn, though who knows what we might end up finding out. Either way he's an awesome kid--he's on time with everything except talking, so at least we know he rocks!


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