2013, be good to me


These are the things that I hope to change in my life. This list is a work in progress.

  1. Lose weight (isn't that on everyone's list?)
  2. Familiarize myself with my camera; start taking better photos.
  3. Most important to me: spend more time just playing with my baby, with no agenda other than making him feel good about his life; I want him to remember his childhood as a special time full of love and joy.
  4. Be more social. I want GAD to stop crippling me; I want to overcome this.
  5. Be more organized.
  6. Learn to better appreciate myself and the people in my life.
  7. Become more independent.
  8. CAN'T FORGET - keep up with my blog again. I can't believe I only posted twice in 2012! :(
He deserves more play time, and I deserve to act like a kid once in a while. ;)

What do you want to do with your year? How do you hope to change/improve your life?

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