First morning of 2013


So it’s 2013…that means that I get to go back to (my last semester of) school here in a few weeks and constantly have to change my 2 to a 3. It’s inevitable, really.

I never stick to my goals but here are a couple that I hope to accomplish (eventually):

  1. Lose more of this baby/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years junk food weight. A girl can dream. 
  2. Completely familiarize myself with my camera and its manual mode; acquire the new accessories that I want.
  3. Finish school and start looking for a decent career, car, and home.

And, uh…well, maybe that should be all. I’m sure there’s more that I want to accomplish but the fact is that I’m just too notoriously flaky. You didn’t hear that from me.

Anyway, happy new year. :)

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