Whoa, has it been that long since I last posted? Since week 35, really? I'm so bad about this. I've been using up all of my energy on this crazy nesting streak lately, and because getting things ready for Mark is all I really think about I guess I've sort of forgotten about the blog. I know, I suck.

A friend of the family (I call her my aunt) reminded me today, though. She told me that she loves reading this and that she would like to see me writing on it again. And I want to! I just have to remember that it exists, ha.

I'll be 38 weeks on Thursday, and I have my check-up tomorrow. I have cleaned my room, set up all of my baby things, gotten everything up for the hospital bags (I just need the actual bags to place the stuff in). Everything is just about ready. And I'm ready. I really hope the ball gets rolling soon, but I know it could still be up to a little bit after the due date. I'm excited, though, because no matter what he'll be here by the end of the month! :) Well, maybe the first of next month, but still - that's not long at all!

I hope everything is going well with everyone. I definitely need to get to working on a 38 week post, stuffed with updates and pictures and awesome. I'll try my very, very best to be back then. Have a good few days in the mean time!


  1. I had those same feeling and I had both my babies ten day early, wishing you the same luck!

  2. He's due the 20th but we're kinda hoping for the 11th. It was my grandpa's birthday. :) The twins are still convinced it'll be Halloween, though! Haha.


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