Come October: Week 39


I think I've actually been too lazy to blog lately. Isn't that ridiculous? Like, how much effort does that take, seriously? Sit down, type what you're thinking, move on with your day...DONE. But, no, I always say, "I really need to write something...but I don't feel like it right now, so I'll do it later."

And later, later, later. Later never comes.

I went through a crazy up in energy and wasted it all getting my room organized - which I'm incredibly proud of, let me say, because it was one of those rooms that you could get lost in for days - but now that that's over, I feel like there's no more energy left anywhere in the world and I don't want to move anymore. That sounds horrible.

Also, my hands have decided to start throbbing and every single joint that hands consist of feel like they're never going to bend all the way again. Like creaky hinges. Like they're wrapped in Styrofoam. They just don't feel good, I'm saying. So typing is not my favorite thing right now.

All-in-all, I'm a happy. So damn happy. Daniel finally moved into his "grandpa's" house (actually a friend's grandpa, but he has sort of been adopted into the family over the years). Which means we're still not living together, but that things have been a lot easier - I can go over there to visit, and the truck can be left there overnight, so I have finally gotten to take a break from driving. That has been fantastic, considering I don't have anywhere to be during the day and I was just out driving him to work while a million months pregnant. Not fantastic. Now he just stops by when he can or picks me up and we rendezvous and then each head home. It's not my ideal situation, but it's working for us. We're doing what we can, and we're doing well.

I can't believe this pregnancy is almost over. It's incredible...I feel like it slowed down so much after 28 weeks, but then I look back and wonder where it's gone. How does time do that? I'll never understand.

I'm admittedly incredibly scared, but it's balanced with how eager I am, and so I can't decide if I want Mark to take his time or start this process like, yesterday. I'm just letting him choose at this point because his mom's too incredibly indecisive during the smallest situations, so I don't know how I'm going to do decide during something so life-changing. Because seriously - it's going to hurt, aw crap, I don't want to. But the crib's so empty and can you believe my tiny little cuddly boy is going to be sleeping there by the end of the month?

Oh, I'm excited. Oh, I'm so scared.

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  1. Your so close! Hang in there! I love your positive attitude, it's infections :)


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