Yes, I did change my blog again. I know, I know, but you forgive me.

I did it all by myself this time! I even made the header and the buttons (although they're just words, nothing fancy). So that kind of rocks out loud. And I'll try to not get bored with it too quickly - no promises, though.

PS: I think I actually got all of the color matching right, too! Check it out, check it out, check it out - my header, post dividers, and links - they all match!  I totally did that with no help. Alone. By me-self.

I'm so darn proud of me.


Mathew: Taylor, are you going to have a baby?

Taylor: Yes, I am.

Mathew: On Halloween?

Taylor: Well, he's due a few days before. But it's possible.

Mathew: Mom says it will be, though. Ask mom.

Taylor: Mom says that because you can't always predict when babies come. And Mark might come later than he's supposed to.

Mathew: It's going to be on Halloween. Trust me.

I swear, this boy has been cracking me up.


  1. I would totally trust what he says, kids have a wierd sense with that stuff!!! We had no plans to have a third baby, our first two kids were born with the help of a fertility doctor. Our eldest has blonde hair and blue eyes, but both my husband and I have dark hair and brown eyes, as does our daughter. My sister and my dad are bonde, blue eyed, so it was not a miracle or anything but the doctors said it was highly unlikely we would have that combination again. Our son insisted we would have a baby boy, with light hair and blue eyes. When I found out I was pregnant, we were shocked, when I found out it was a boy, I was surprised, my son was not, and when he was born with very blue eyes and blonde hair our first born was not surprised at all!!! "I told you so mommy"!! I will Add that number three does have sandy brown hair, not blonde, and he had green eyes,not blue, but I still got to hand it Tom. This very long story is to just say, plan on having a Halloween baby!!! Take care!!

  2. He already predicted that I was having a boy! I'm glad I have this moment recorded, because if it happens I am going to laugh forever.

  3. That is too funny!!! I did not realize you had given me an award!!! Thank you very much!! You are the blog on fire!! Thanks again for the shout out!! Congratulaions on all the good in your life!! Now go out and buy that baby of yours a Halloween Cosutume!!! Lol!!!


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