Watch him grow!


Please forgive me for a while as I clean this blog up. Almost every picture I've ever used isn't showing up anymore, I'm sure most of the links are broken, and I'm still working on getting a layout I'm pleased with. On top of everything else, I have a lot of homework to get done and I don't have much time to do it.

In the meantime, you can enjoy these pictures of Mark.

12 weeks, 6 days pregnant.
24 weeks, when I found out he was a boy.
October 25, 2011. Just born. :)
First Halloween--1 week old.
Nov 24, 2011--first Thanksgiving. 1 month old.
Dec 24, 2011--first Christmas Eve. 2 months old.
Dec 25, 2011--first Christmas.
Jan 20, 2012. Almost 3 months old.
Feb 14, 2012. First Valentine's day. Almost 4 months old.
Feb 24, 2012. 4 months old.
March 24, 2012--first solids. 5 months old.
April 8, 2012--first Easter.
April 21, 2012. Almost 6 months old!
May 21, 2012. Almost 7 months old.
May 30, 2012. I just love this picture. ;)
June 21, 2012. Almost 8 months old.
One of this first times in the pool!
July 4, 2012. First 4th of July. :) 8 1/2 months.
Aug 11, 2012. Carl's Jr. w/ Grandma. Almost 10 months old.
Sept 25, 2012--11 months old.
Mark decided to show us how crazy he's going to be. :(
Sept 27, 2012. New car seat!
October 24, 2012. 1 year old!!
Jan 27, 2013.
Feb 20, 2013. We got tickets!
March 7, 2013--seeing Gabba Live.

Postnote: these pictures aren't all on the exactly month-iversary dates (haha, the 24th of each month) because I've had several broken phones and computer crashes. I will update this and possibly make it into a page once I get my hands on all of my photos. :)


  1. Visiting from UBP13 :)

    My 2nd daughter was born Oct 19, 2011. Isn't it amazing just HOW FAST they've grown up?

    1. It's insane! So many of my friends have been having babies (it seems like a handful for each season) and this new bunch of newborns is making me sad that he's so big. :(

      Thank you for stopping by! :)


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