I know I've done only black and white and light play, but I promise to have something brighter soon. I've just been confined to the indoors because Mark and I have both been sick so much, and my house has the lamest lighting you've ever seen. Swear. I'll get out to the park soon and make up for this darkness. :P

In other news, my son is so. freaking. cute. I just can't get over it. The boy loves baths more than most of his toys, and he pretty much begs for one at least sixty times once a day. He'll walk into the bathroom after to you when you're putting something away or, ahem, heading in to do your business, and then try to climb over the side. And then I get to laugh while simultaneously freaking out about busted faces and broken bones. Not cool, boy.

Also, can someone please tell me what is so cool about coasters? Because my son will not leaves ours alone.

I don't even know.

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