Yikes, me.


So...my laptop is broken again. I know, I'm made of suck. I don't know how I keep doing this, but I'm very angry with myself over it. Ugh.

Also, I'm apparently too stupid to use the auto-post feature, because that post that I promised what, weeks ago? Never happened. Because I set it to post while I was away and it just never did. I'm freaking sorry, for the millionth time.

I've been very busy, which I'm sure anyone with a newborn will understand. I hate that I haven't been here though. This blog was therapeutic for me, something that I could show my baby someday, and entertaining for my friends and family (who really want me to start updating again, so I guess I'm going to try that...as often as I can get on a computer now). My choices right now are to use my cell phone or my dad's shitty laptop. Neither option is very exciting, but I'll take what I can get when I can.

As far as the rest of my life goes, Mark was one month old on Thanksgiving and will be two on Christmas Eve. I'm finally feeling more normal, though we're still working on a sleep schedule and I still haven't driven since probably two weeks before delivery. My first time back behind the wheel will probably be this Friday, and I'm honestly incredibly nervous. But hey, life has to go on.

I also applied for a job today, so wish me luck on that. If I get it, I will be an assistant to the librarian at my local library, which I love. And we've been applying for some apartments, so I'm very hopeful about that too. I just want things to start getting better...living at home with a two month old whose dad can't stay to help us is incredibly overwhelming.

Anyway, I have a lot to update on, but it's 4:30 in the morning and I just wanted to update quickly while Mark is asleep. As it is, I should probably be sleeping too. I owe a lot more than is included here and will be back to give it as soon as I can keep my eyes open...ha, like that's ever! Just kidding. But seriously, birth story coming up as soon as possible. I do want to fix it up a little more now since it didn't post...might as well take that opportunity.

Also, I'm considering jumping over to WordPress...thoughts on that?

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