Come October: Week 30-32



I'm sorry. I've missed too many of these! When was the last time I posted, like 29 weeks? Sigh.

I know I've been really bad at posting lately, especially because the days since my baby shower have been pretty chaotic. I've been back and forth and here and there and having my things blow up, and I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. My days have been so productive, though - I have a ton of things finished that I've needed to do for months.
And we of course had the shower! We got so much stuff we needed...more than I have the space for but all things we needed, which I appreciate more than I can express. Mark has more than enough clothing to last us the first few months of his life, enough diapers for a good period of time, a few toys, all of the large things we need. We have a car seat, a crib, all of those essentials, plus more extras than I ever could have asked for. I'm super appreciative.

As far as the shower goes, I had a lot more people show up than I expected. I love you all, by the way, and thank you! We had these little sandwiches cut up into take-and-go pieces, chips with dips, and a gorgeous cake that my aunt and uncle made (they bake for events). I should totally include a picture of this, shouldn't I?

Loved it. :)

My mom put together a few games, including one where the guests were given a little pin to wear throughout the party and weren't allowed to say "baby." If they did, you could steal their pin, and the one with the most pins at the end won. There was one where you have to find the little safety pins in a bowl of rice, one where the guests had to answer trivia questions about TV shows (related to children, of course), and...I can't remember if there were more or not.

Each time someone won a game, they were given a little gift basket with body washes and perfumes and whatnot inside.

And lastly we did a diaper raffle - one box of diapers got you one entry into the raffle, and for that we gave away the biggest basket. It was cute and I had a great time.

At the very end of it, my grandma surprised us with the truck. I cried, I'm not even going to lie.

I had an interview about two weeks ago, which they just decided to call me for out of the blue (after applying months ago). I went into a hair salon the night before to get a decent cut for the interview, which I hoped I could sneak in and out of without drawing an extreme amount of attention to my midsection. I was wearing the baggiest shirt in my closet and the first thing the stylist asked? "So when is your due date?" Shit. No hiding that, then.

On further note, things are going great. I'm getting huge. Here, I'll prove it:

I'm enjoying it, though. Daniel is adorable and likes to cuddle and talk and sing to my tummy. Mark, of course, always moves when he hears his voice, no matter how absolutely still he's been beforehand. It's the most amazing thing and I can't get over it. I know they'll have an immediate bond.

No interview for Daniel yet, but we're waiting on the arrival of the papers telling him whether or not there's going to be one! It should be here in the next few days (if not already!). If there's nothing, we're going to look into a few other positions, though probably not with the county (at least not yet...he will eventually get in there, we just need to find the right timing).

Also, we got the truck at the baby shower! (Did I mention that already? I'm almost certain I did...) And Daniel got his license! I'm so proud. He only failed 3 things on a list where he was allowed to miss 15. Another list allowed him to miss 3, but he scored perfectly on that and all other portions. :)

Things have been perfect with the pregnancy. Mark's growing exactly as he should be. They only thing they're saying is that my due date could be moved to November 1st (it's currently October 20th), but they haven't actually moved it yet because it's normal to measure a bit off. I honestly think they 1st sounds about perfect, and of course the boys are still pretty convinced it'll be Halloween. We'll see!

Hope everything's well! I really feel like I wanted to say more, but I'm still not able to get onto my own computer so I don't have the posts with everything else I wanted to share. I just couldn't stand to miss another week!

Take care, everyone, and I'll be back as soon as possible. :)


  1. Your getting so close! I bet you can't wait ;)

  2. I really can't, but I started getting SO nervous yesterday. Haha. :)

  3. Good to hear everything is going so well! And beautiful cake! You're rocking the baby bump, I love seeing those big baby bellies, always looked forward to having one of those some day. Enjoy your last months!Life is going to get a lot busier soon :D! You're going to need those diapers :D

  4. whoooaah! big tummy you got there. nice cake! left you a kiss, girl! hope you kiss me back..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on On Kids and Safety?

  5. Haha, I know! Apparently I don't look totally huge in person, at least not for 32 weeks (so they say, I feel ginormous). But I'm only 5'3" so he has nowhere to go but OUT. :P

  6. Congrats on the interview! And yay for the truck! :)

    Also, that cake is beautiful.

    Sounds like you have a lot of amazing things going on right now. Of course, not nearly as amazing as what's coming up in about 6 more weeks... :)


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