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Happy Sunday!

My mom's been in town ever since we got back from Barstow. She, my dad, dad's girlfriend and Boyfriend all went with me to my ultrasound on Thursday, so that was awesome. And since then we've just been hanging out and registering the baby at different stores and having a good time. I've also been job hunting which is just plain difficult when you're pregnant, but I really need something.

Sorry I haven't been as persistent about posting as I was before. I'm hoping I'll be better about it once things settle down more.

Have fun blowing things up tomorrow!
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  1. So glad you had fun at your ultrasound! Did I miss a post or did you not find out (or not sharing) the sex? Great to hear all is well and that you are having fun preparing for the baby! My sister had to find a new job while she was 8 months pregnant, not fun!!! Much luck to you!! Take care!!

  2. We've got a boy. :) I did actually post it, on Thursday. :)

  3. hope everything turns out well!


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