I'm kind of sorry I'm posting this - but I'm going to do it anyway!


You know what I hate? I hate that moment when you open the dishwasher immediately after it's finished running, and all of that steam oozes out to hit you right in the face. It's so damn hot that you can't breathe and it blinds you and you're totally disoriented for at least a few seconds.

Also, this is obviously the only reason I avoid doing the dishes in my house - because what if I were to turn away and, in my terribly confused state, to trip over the dog and fall on a knife? Or to cause some other totally unavoidable catastrophe?

Stop looking at me like that. It's likely.

"But...wouldn't you wait for the dishes to cool down and/or dry a little more before unloading it anyway?" you ask.

And my answer to that is *covers ears*, "La-la-la-la, my excuse still counts if I can't hear you!"

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  1. hahaha!if only there's someone to do the housework for me.. :D


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