It was like a vacation, but I came back tired


So it feels like I may be on the verge of getting sick - sadface. Such a miserable thing when you're pregnant and not allowed to pop aspirin and cold medicine every ten minutes (just kidding...every fifteen). But I promised to write about this and I probably need to before I sit around to the point that I'm like, "Wait, what did we even do?"

Yeah, that happens to me. A lot.

So here's the basis of it: my mom came into town Thursday, and Friday after Daniel got off work we headed to Barstow (where mom lives). There wasn't really much to the day...just a four hour car ride, and then we watched Juno as we fell asleep. I forgot how much that movie rocks, especially with all the Kimya Dawson hanging around on the soundtrack. So awesome.

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Saturday we slept in and basically hung around the house until around 3 in the afternoon. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Barstow, but if you haven't, I'm going to assume your life is a lot more interesting than mine. The town is awful. Think of that Disney movie Cars come to life - it's probably exactly like that.

Anyway, once we were all up and dressed, Mom took us to a local secondhand store where we looked at baby clothes (so cute!) and then we went to Food 4 Less to pick up (basically) junk food. We headed back to the house, barbecued, and then packed up the van and took the family to the drive-in. I loved it! My dad used to take my sisters and I almost monthly, so it's been pretty lame since ours shut down. Of course Barstow would still have one - just to prove to me that they can one-up us in some way.

Oh, we watched Mr. Popper's Penguins (sp?) and Super 8. They were both pretty alright.

On Sunday, we woke up at about 7-something and headed to Chino around 9-something (where we had even more barbecue). My grandma's husband has this thing where he'll sit a pile of food right in front of you so that it stares you down and makes you feel guilty about the fact that it's not being eaten, so there was that.

And we had watermelon! Which I've been craving so badly (for months), so it was amazing. And there was strawberry shortcake involved, so food-wise I was a pretty happy camper. Nana sat and talked with me for a while and seemed to enjoy Boyfriend, and I told her that I want to use her middle name for my baby's if it turns out to be a girl (two more days until I know, two more, two!) and she told me the history behind it. It was wonderful.

The drive between Barstow and Chino is an hour and a half, so Sunday consisted of probably three hours in the car. Monday we headed back to town, four more hours. The entire weekend was about eleven total. By the time we got home, I had never been happier to walk.

And yeah, that's probably that. I'm not sure if I have anything more to

Oh, of course I do: my little brother is a lunatic. And because of him, I now have a Grenade parody permanently stuck in  my head.


The biggest problem might be that Brother sings it better than the original. So now I can't even completely enjoy it alone at night when it's stuck on repeat somewhere deep in my brain. Damn.

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  1. You have a lovely blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy. :) It sounds like you had a nice little get-away. For the record...I am familiar with Barstow. And Chino. I lived in Temecula {just north of San Diego} for nearly 10 years and in Southern CA for 18 years. The hubby and I just moved our family to Western PA about a year and a half ago. I miss the California beaches and sunshine...and In-N-Out Burger...but otherwise I love life on the East Coast.

    I'm a new follower...from voiceboks. :)


    1. There are a lot of things that are nice here, but honestly I hate Barstow. I can sit around my town (Visalia) complaining about nothing to do as much as I want, but when I go to Barstow this feels like a big city! ;)


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