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I recently discovered the Rainbow Delegation and...well, let me share the website description with you so that I don't butcher it:

"The Rainbow Delegation is a rapidly growing movement of people who wish to show their support of the LGBTQ community through the wearing of a rainbow wristband. Our participants are diverse, encompassing people of all ages, races, and sexual orientations. We wear these wristbands, not for fashion, nor as fund-raiser for any particular agenda, but rather simply to be seen. Not just by the youth desperately needing to feel they belong, but also as a statement to all those people that would rather they didn't. 
"You may never know whose life you touch, but something as simple as being a visual presence of support could make all the difference to someone."

Basically, these wristbands are worn to show support for the LGBTQ community, whether or not you're a part of it. The bands are free but there's a button set up on the website that allows donations to be made to ensure that they can continue to be made and mailed - if you can spare it, it's totally worth the contributions to keep this going.

If you're interested, you can visit the website to order and donate.

I ordered the small size. Way cute.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I find this wonderful. I haven't been asked to write about this, and they most likely won't ever read it, but I just think it's a fantastic thing and wanted to share it with all of you.

Spread your awesome by checking out their website, liking them on Facebook and, you know, just enjoying the thought.

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  1. I totally enjoy the thought!! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing it.


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