A letter


Dear Daniel,

You are perfect and everything you do is beautiful.

I just can't stop falling in love with you.

Every time I think, "This just may be the strongest thing I've ever felt," I wake up and find my feelings have gotten a little deeper, a little more breathtaking overnight.

Every time you tell me how much you love me, my heart swells and I smile like it's the first time.

Every time I see you I get those butterflies that I thought would have been long gone by now, but which seem to only get stronger the more I think about you being mine.

Every time you tell me about your love for our baby, about your wishes to have more children together someday, about your dreams to marry me, I'm a little more excited just to live life.

I'm excited to know that I'm going to be doing it all with you.

You and the baby are my world, and when you're not here I'm missing half of it.

Source: lovequotesrus.tumblr.com via Taylor on Pinterest

I just wanted you to know.

Love forever (and probably longer)me


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