I know, we're all new here.


I'm really bad at introductions, but I feel wrong just jumping right in.

I'm Taylor, I'm 20 at this point in time, and I've been blogging on and off for years. If you're interested in my past you can visit my old blog at Probably Never Knew. This, however, is my fresh start, something to follow me into the completely different life that I find myself looking forward to.

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On February 22 of this year, I found out I was pregnant, due the 20th of October. While I've never been so unprepared for anything in my entire life, I've also never felt so good about something so life-changing being thrown my way. I'll be 21 weeks on Thursday, though I don't find out what I'm having until the 30th of this month - I'm going insane waiting! I can't imagine how women have the patience to wait until the baby is actually in their arms to know for sure.

My boyfriend, Daniel, means everything to me, and I'm extremely pleased that I got out of the shitty relationship that I was in before this happened, that it happened with him and not my ex. Sometimes I'm not sure which of us is more excited for the future; he often tells me he's jealous that I get to be the one who feels the baby moving inside and whatnot, but I think he'd be grateful that he's not the one carrying it if he knew the half of it.

I'm obviously new to all of this, and because I've always looked to writing to get me through things, that's what I'm doing now. I figured I'd give myself a clean slate rather than continuing to post on the blog that I've been using for years, considering I feel like a completely new person; I've left that life behind, and while I can't completely erase it (at least figuratively), I know that I'm not the same person I was. I'd like to be able write who I am now without clashing with who I was, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I'm definitely looking for new followers and friends, and if you take the time to comment I'll make sure to visit and follow you back. I love comments, I love readers, and I love having something to read, so there's no reason to be a silent reader. I'm looking forward to it, so let's do this!


  1. What a great reason to start a new blog! Congratulations! I wish I had been better about blogging my pregnancy, but I'm sure making up for it now! Something I do, that you may be interested in, is at the end of each year I turn all my blog posts into a book at Blog2Print.com. It's the lazy (okay, not lazy, BUSY) mom way of making sure I keep up with the photo album/scrapbook w/o actually having to do anything!

    So there's a tip from a total stranger! Thanks for following my blog, I look forward to keeping up with your journey into motherhood!

  2. I almost felt guilty for not starting until halfway through, but I'm glad I at least did that. I can't ever seem to keep up with hand-written journals and etc. even though I keep saying I'm going to start one for the baby, so I figure this is the "next best thing." And actually, I think knowing people are reading it will keep me updating it, instead of losing interest. At least I hope. :)


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